01 About Me

Graham Short is a micro-artist, living and working in Birmingham. Known for producing miniature pieces of art, he has spent over 50 years going to physical and mental extremes to produce the highest-quality hand engravings ever seen. Appearing in news features internationally and the subject of many television programmes, Graham is now considered to be one of the most talented living micro- artists in the world. His achievements include engraving The Lord's Prayer on the head of a gold pin measuring just 2mm across and the words "Nothing is Impossible" engraved along the cutting edge of a traditional razor blade alongside the Jane Austin & Harry Kane engraved bank notes.


02 My Work


03 Commissions

My engravings have become desirable and collectable pieces of art. I have engraved gold pins, coins, medals, bullets and jewellery, to name but a few items. Each engraving is accompanied by an authenticity certificate and pieces  are individually signed. I do have engraved pieces for sale and I accept commissions. Please contact me through my website to obtain advice, pricing and suggestions.


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