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Lord's Prayer on a gold pin - French style

Updated: May 5, 2019

I've been studying engraving techniques used by the talented French copper-plate engravers of the early 1800s. These engravers used to exaggerate and embellish the fonts, and this style of engraving then became very popular until the end of the century.

Lords Prayer French Style

I've engraved The Lord's Prayer on the head of a gold pin, using this exact style. The piece took five months to complete. As I was working on it I very soon became aware of how the engravers used to work. The engravers always started a letter 'O' on the right hand side, then turned the plate clockwise to complete the letter. The way a letter 'H' was engraved showed me whether the engraver was right or left handed. I've reproduced 'The Lord's Prayer' using this same type style that was extremely popular at the time - but my attempt is many times smaller. This is engraved on the head of a gold pin measuring just 2mm across. 70 words 278 letters 3,234 cuts into the metal

Lords Prayer French Style


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