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Otche Nash - The Lord's Prayer in Russian

Updated: May 5, 2019

It has always been a tradition amongst engravers to try to engrave The Lord's Prayer as small as possible. After I finished engraving this on the head of a pin in 2010, I then attempted Otche Nash.

Russian Lords Prayer - Otche Nash

This is the Lord's Prayer in Russian. Not the easiest for me, but certainly the most satisfying. I was four months working on this and I slipped dozens of times, then had to re-polish and start again. If I exert the slightest amount of pressure at the wrong time, while hovering over the pin, the needle I engrave with can slip through several letters close by. When I'd finished it, a film crew came over from RT, the Russian International Television company.They were with me for two days. I've found that Russians particularly appreciate this kind of micro-art.

Russian Lords Prayer Gold Pin Close Up


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