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The first football league 1888 by Graham Short

1888 First Football League Plan

Thought I'd show you this. I always produce an oversized drawing first, and keep it in front of me while working. I'm engraving this on another football stud.

The most important features are the guidelines. Guidelines are vital. It helps with angles and positioning. Without it, life would be very difficult. Whatever piece I'm on is covered with guidelines. When the job is finished, if I touch it lightly on a polishing mop, the fine guidelines are quickly erased, leaving just the engraving.

The sketches take a while to do but the effort is worth it. As you can see, Preston North End were the winners of the first 1888-89 League Championship. My team, Birmingham City, are nowhere to be seen. Nothing has changed to this day!


The actual football stud engraving

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